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Katelyn + Robbie's Wedding Inspiration Photos

w kr wed main_dusty_blue_and_gold.jpg
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Don't Forget The Jewelry

Jewelry adds to that special day, that special home, or that special YOU. Remember to bring that sparkle into your life!

Dusty Blue + Gold Wedding

Elegant, classy, original. Dusty Blue + Gold has quickly become my new fave for all things decor... It’s easy + timeless. Find a white background and let it exude its' brilliance!  Used these pics I found below as the inspiration for Katelyn + Robbie's Wedding!

w wed fave.jpg
wix c + 1.jpg
w kr wed vision.jpg

Macaroons + Petite Desserts!

"Katherine has an eye for detail + a phenomenal sense of what 'fits together' to make a home a comfortable, yet modern place to live and entertain."

-Brandon Wood, Associate Broker Presidio Real Estate

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