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Hello, and welcome to Keisenhut Designs!

A little about me... Throughout my life I have enjoyed beautifying everything around me.  When I was first married and having our children, I felt very inspired to buy our first home, a white1,800 sq. ft. traditional with a white picket fence.  At that time I loved touring the many model homes in my area of Orange County, CA.  I studied them very closely.  For my new home, I picked a model I loved, then determined to duplicate it to the best of my ability... on a very limited budget + with no formal design training.  I must admit, I didn't have much success in the beginning.  As time (being a mother of very young children) and money was extremely tight, I AGONIZED over every little decision.  I compared my work to that of the professionally decorated model homes and felt extremely inferior in my skills + ability to create a beautiful, cohesively designed home.  


BUT... I kept trying.  That first house turned out to be adorable, and we sold it for a sizable profit.  I was then guided to our next home (3,200 sq. ft.) and basically began that same process.  It became a little easier over time.  I learned much with each project I took on + each decision I made. As I took on more difficult projects, I began to feel a tad more confident.  We sold that home for a sizable profit as well.


I then took a huge jump and bought a 6,200 sq. ft. semi-custom home on a 5 acre piece of property... to be built from the ground up.  Everything I had learned design-wise was put to the test with this house.   I made quite a few 'mistakes' in the beginning and felt very overwhelmed.  Although I had designed the hardscape + landscape of the other two homes, this was a 5 acre Estate Home + I was still budget + time constrained. We were also adding horse stables, pastures, a riding arena + round pen as well. I felt very in over my head. 


Around that time I also began to feel insecure about my 'style'... you see VERY sleek and modern was coming in then, as well as the 'Modern Farmhouse' look.  Although I loved parts of those styles, they didn't truly feel like 'Me' .  I NEEDED my home to feel like an extension of myself.  I realized that was PARAMOUNT to me.  And I needed to enjoy the process.  One day, I finally chose to embrace MY OWN STYLE + simply accept the fact that others may not like it.   I came to realize that honestly, the only person I needed to please in regard to my style was myself.  This was such a freeing moment!  I also learned how to give myself permission to make 'mistakes' and even, in a certain way, come to expect them.  I began to understand that 'mistakes' were just part of the process...  even if they cost time and money along the way.


One day I stumbled upon a lovely book by Marian Parson entitled, 'Inspired You--Letting God Breathe New Life into Your Heart and Home.'  Her words below changed me:


We're constantly bombarded with images of gorgeous rooms in magazines, on TV, and all over the home-decorating blog world.  It's easy to feel like everyone is good at it but you.  Like everyone is living in an 'after space' and you're sitting around in your 'before,' hoping a celebrity designer with a crew and truck full of sweet furniture will show up on your doorstep to do a complete home makeover.


I am not denying that it would be awesome for that crew to swoop in and create a dream home in three days (and you then get to cry tears of joy about it on national television), but there is so much satisfaction and self-discovery (some tears as well) that come when YOU transform your home.  YOU can create a beautiful home.


Let's now redefine what a beautiful home is.  It's not about big budgets and magazine-quality perfection; it's about making the best of what you have and finding contentment despite what you don't.  It's not about keeping up with the hottest trends, style setters, or the neighbors; it's about creating a space that feels inviting, is functional for your family, and shows off the style and interests of the people who live there.  When boiled down, that's it.  Doesn't that seem like a more achievable standard?  You don't need a huge budget, a degree in interior design or a boatload of DIY experience.  You don't need to start with a dream home.  Your journey can start TODAY, with what you already know, what you have, and whatever time your schedule allows.'


In that sweet spirit, I went on to design 6 homes + two barns, stage numerous homes for sale, help with countless weddings, throw about 72 color coordinated birthday parties for my own children (haha), decorate for a great many church parties, baby showers, anniversaries etc, + the list goes on!  But most importantly, it has been a complete JOY to do.  Decorating + 'making homes beautiful' have become treasured, sacred gifts that I most love sharing with others.  


As Marian Parson stated, 'YOU can create a beautiful home.'  I, Katherine, REALLY want you to know that statement is true.  And I would love to help you, every step of the way.  You are not alone in this... my Design Coaching is here for you.  Let's do this together!


Much love,


We're constantly bombarded with images of gorgeous rooms in magazines, on TV, and all over the home-decorating blog world.

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