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Chic: The Blues & Pinks!

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Dusty Blue + Dusty Pink TOGETHER... What a treat! ADD the Gold and You're GOLDEN!

When Katelyn + I found the photo to the right we fell in love... + it became one of the inspiration photos we used for planning her wedding . But she wanted to add pink... so we did... in the Bridesmaid's Dresses + other accents. We loved the final product (below)!

K's Design Tip: Before designing anything, find a photo or piece (rug, plate, couch, etc.) you LOVE + use it as your 'inspiration' photo or piece. Design around it!

Was a joy to see it all come together in the family photos (below).

Sprinkle in FAUX FLOWERS

Do you ever find that you simply can't FIND the certain fresh flowers you need to create the look you want for a certain occasion? Either they're not in season or those that are just don't look good? That's what happened to us for Katelyn's Special Day... the bouquets arrived 'not quite right'. So I ran to Hobby Lobby and found a few PERFECT Faux Flowers + VOILA, the bouquets turned out fabulous!

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