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Updated: Feb 13, 2022

Love the Hotel feel? Why not try to create it in your own home!

This was such a fun Master Bedroom to design. It was very large, had a romantic fireplace, a door out to a black back porch with beautiful flower pots, windows that looked out onto a private vineyard + then off into an unobstructed view of the Temecula Wine Country. This was the special place my husband Mark and I raised our 4 children for a majority of their childhood + teen years. The house was large + grand... Excellent for entertaining and having large groups of people over. It especially held A LOT of kids! It seems like we went from one party to the next and always kids sleeping over in between. Honestly, I LOVED it. One of the perks of this house was that all the kids' bedrooms were upstairs... and our Master (+ Mark's office) was yes... Downstairs... and AWAY from it all. The kids could have a house full of friends over and Mark and I still had our (relatively haha) private space. I miss those days of hearing all the teenagers' laughter + craziness on the other side of the house, or outside in the backyard, while we retreated to ourselves on a Friday night.

ANYWAY...back to design. It's fun to take a risk and DESIGN WITH FLARE sometimes! This wallpaper was crazy bold, but I LOVED it. Was risky yes, but ended up looking great against the white wainscoting. I love the look + feel of hotels... So I decided to create my own!

K's Design Tip: Make Your Home Your Destination!

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