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Welcome Home Katelyn!

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

The day our daughter Katelyn came home from her 18 Month Mission in Macon, GA was a very special day indeed! Of course we had looked forward to this day for months! I love creating special parties for special occasions. Our swee.t daughter in law Beth made the top 4 Banners (on the fireplace) and the two Welcome Home Posters... They were perfect! I had the 5th Banner left over from Brennen + Beth's wedding reception. I always bring fresh flowers into the mix, and this was no exception. Double Delight Roses are my go to for many parties, especially for those with a feminine flare. They were perfect for this party!

I love using Lemon Bundt Cakes (below) when entertaining during the summer season. And being that Katelyn loves lemon anything, the Lemon Bundt Cake worked perfectly for this occasion! They also go with gold, have you ever noticed that?

Organizing Cutlery

When entertaining for many people it's always easiest to go 'Buffet Style' with the food/drinks etc. I have a special piece I love to display the cutlery in. It's a silver carrier with 4 clear vases nestled inside (see below). I actually I have two of them + use them ALL the time. In one of the vases I always put a few of the fresh flowers I'm using for the event. In the other three, I put forks, knives + spoons. Or forks, knives and

cute paper straws the fit the color scheme... A simple, yet elegant touch! Most of the time I use gold plastic cutlery, unless of course it's a formal event.


I collect pedestals in all shapes, colors + sizes. Adding height + dimension to any buffet is imperative. The little silver one (below) worked great for this occasion.

Find An Accent Piece

When planning a party often I like to find something creative as an accent piece. In this case I used the pink, 'This Girl Runs on Cupcakes And Jesus' sign (below) and we did of course have cupcakes. Hobby Lobby carries a plethora of these signs, and usually every other week they are 50% Off. It's an easy, inexpensive way to make a statement. Make sure to put signs + photos on easels that matches your decor... I love these gold ones from Hobby Lobby.

'I felt so loved by my momma that day! She made our home so beautiful as always, from the flowers to the napkins! She truly has an eye for beauty, and it’s blessed our family our whole lives!' -- Katelyn Eisenhut


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